Why now is the best time to start your own business and become your own CEO

Why now is the best time to start your own business and become your own CEO
The million-dollar question – why leave a steady, growing career to be your own CEO? If your reading this and have a flourishing career, then I can’t blame you for wondering. Kat was asking herself the same question in 2018. She had a growing career she enjoyed, steady income and a supportive community. However, this traditional path wasn’t enough for her long term. Kat was working 50 hours a week as a successful salesperson executing on everything asked of her and at times even exceeding expectations. These accomplishments were rewarding, but overtime, Kat realized her tasks were based around her previous employers’ ultimate goals and not her own. Kat decided she wanted to figure out her own dreams and by applying her current skill set, was confident she could achieve these goals. If you are still reading, my guess is you can relate…you may even be saying “YES!” to yourself. 
These ideas led Kat into a career in Real Estate where she could utilize her hospitality and sales skills but grow her own business in an entrepreneurial environment. During her first 6-12 months, she saw a strong connection between the hotel business and Real Estate but wondered why there wasn’t a company combining both. Overtime, what Kat only dreamed of started becoming a reality and ultimately became Habitats by Kat (HBK). 
Through a lot of time, research and investment Kat, along with her twin sister Sam, figured out a process that works and they are committed to sharing this with anyone who wants to be their own CEO so they can get up and running quickly. Sam decided to leave her growing public relations career to partner with Kat and help other aspiring entrepreneurs do exactly what Kat did, but with the support necessary from the get go. Sam worked in the communications and public relations industry for almost ten years and realized that she could utilize her expertise to build and grow HBK, as well as others who decide to join to help support them as they launch their own businesses. Sam has always been big on building relationships and mentoring others so the opportunity to do this and be her own CEO was the push she needed to join Kat and HBK.
If you can relate to feeling “stuck” in your career or aspire to be a business owner than the answer is – start now! HBK is the first and only company providing access for entrepreneurs to start their own business based on authentic hospitality experiences with access to real estate, hotels and more worldwide. We have an extensive onboarding process and mentorship program where you can build your brand voice from the ground up with a variety of solutions at your disposal. This way, you don’t have to go through the years of development and investment that are necessary to create your own brand. HBK is turnkey with a platform, tools and ongoing coaching at an affordable price for you to start. 
Nothing worth having comes easy, so now the question is what’s stopping you?

Are you ready to build a new Habitat?

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