Habitats by Kat is a customer-focused business that puts client's first. We offer our clientele real estate services as well as group meetings & event support.

By combining both Real Estate and Hospitality we are set apart from the competition.

Habitats by Kat is your go-to resource for buying, renting or selling your home while concurrently supporting anyone needing meeting or event strategy and bookings.


We qualify and negotiate on your behalf for all services.



Honest & Efficient Work

Fast, efficient, and honest, Habitats by Kat is a reputable service. Kat Friedman began her career in the hotel business working in both Boston and New York City. After nearly a decade Kat launched her Real Estate career and discovered a huge opportunity to bring both industries together. Habitats by Kat offers third party event and program sourcing for a variety of global corporations and also offers Real Estate services to help with renting, buying or selling in New York City. After finding success in both fields Kat realizes the skill set required is the same.


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