Tips for Starting a Travel Business

Tips for Starting a Travel Business
Travel is a fast-moving industry and as we come out of the COVID-19 pandemic we’re expecting to hit a travel BOOM! So now, more than ever is the time to get your travel business underway or refine what you started. 
Starting a business can be daunting. Below we’ve outlined our tips for starting your travel business and some of the tools we recommend taking advantage of.
Engage with your followers
Whether you have an existing following or you need to build a following from the ground up, consistency is key. Select a cadence for posting across your social channels (you don’t need to utilize all that exist, pick 2-3 that make the most sense to you) and make sure you can stick to the plan. It’s important to not only develop content to post but also respond to comments and DMs you receive, as well as engaging with others content to increase your own visibility and engagement. Dollar Eighty is a tool we love that helps you better engage with your followers and grow your network. 
Activating your Business Plan
Make sure that you have a business plan in place. Yes, get it all down on paper! This helps hold you accountable and keeps you motivated to reach the goals you set. After your plan is set, you need to activate it – this is where a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system comes into play. A CRM tool can help you organize trips, client information and business planning. Check out the packages we offer – they all include a CRM system.
Share Knowledge and Expertise
Utilize trips you’ve previously taken to help secure clients to work with. Make sure you’re sharing itineraries from trips you’ve taken – this personal touch makes a difference! If you have past experience in the hospitality industry or if you’re a travel blogger/influencer these are also important expertise to share with your network. Sharing what you know highlights the value you provide and helps other people experience epic vacations. Our Co-Founder, Sam Heyer, is our PR and communications expert who helps all consultants develop their brand strategy.
Email Marketing
Don’t let anyone slip through the cracks! Stay in touch with your network on a regular basis via e-newsletters. Select a frequency that works for you but monthly is a good cadence to strive for. Your e-newsletters can include travel updates, hot destinations, new hotels and trips you’re planning to take. We recommend and love Flodesk for designing these emails.
If you’re interested in learning more or are ready to invest in yourself and your business (even if it’s a side hustle!) reach out to us today to schedule a 1:1 consultation.

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