The HBK Training Platform

The HBK Training Platform
As we grow our travelpreneur community we promise to always share our experience and knowledge with you. We know how hard it is to start a business or side hustle and doing your homework is the key to success. This month we are launching a training platform where Kat and Sam will provide FREE classes for anyone interested in earning money from travel. 
Kat’s classes will focus on the hotel business and how to launch your travel brand. She has found many travel influencers are experts in content creation, travel hacks and marketing but most have never worked at a hotel. Her first class called “The Hotel Business 101” gives you insights on how hotels operate their sales and marketing strategies and what influencers can do to stand out from the crowd. Kat worked in the hotel business for 10 years and managed marketing, social media and travel influencer/blogger events so has been on the other side and is ready to share the inside scoop. Outside of hotel trainings, she will provide business development classes which will help you start your business from the ground up. 
Sam’s classes will be about communications, branding and operational skills to execute your game plan. Sam worked in PR for 10 years and was most recently a Vice President, so we promise, she knows what she’s talking about. Personal and business branding is so important to identify and create your content marketing around. Sam will walk you through brand pillars, core values and more. 
Kat and Sam are thrilled to provide these professional insights and we hope you are too 😊

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