Combining Forces to Elevate the Modern Day Travel Agent

Combining Forces to Elevate the Modern Day Travel Agent

We are excited to share that Habitats by Kat has partnered with Wanderful and G-Adventures to provide perks and experiences to travel enthusiasts. 

Wanderful is more than just a women’s travel community; the organization aims to help women get out there and gain confidence and support they need to travel solo. 

Beth Santos, Founder & CEO of Wanderful shares, "I am thrilled to see the industry recognizing travel marketers and content creators as real players in this business. They are the sole reason many travelers visit new destinations and experiences, and they are truly changing the game for the travel industry."

G Adventures is the leader in small group adventure travel for more than 30 years. Like Wanderful, G Adventures focuses on solo female travelers and their trips are designed to immerse travelers in the destinations they visit, ensuring that as many travel dollars as possible stay in the community so that the places we visit benefit from travelers being there.

Alex Sanchez, US consumer marketing manager for G Adventures shared, "We're thrilled to partner with Wanderful and Habitats by Kat to offer an amazing collection of our small group adventures to Wanderful members! G Adventures' trips have long been a favorite of solo female travelers because they are a bit like traveling solo, but with the added benefit of a local "in-the-know" guide. Plus, you get to explore with a small group of like-minded adventurers! Our small group model means that travelers are able to make meaningful connections with both their fellow travelers, and the new friends they make along the way.”

By being a member of the Wanderful community, travelers are able to “travel like an insider” gaining unique experiences and opportunities that they wouldn’t otherwise have. This partnership, and others to come, aims to elevate that experience and help travel enthusiasts expand their offering as content creators and can also help them monetize their passion for travel into a business.

Please inquire using the link below if you’d like to learn more about this partnership.

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