Become a Travel Advisor Now

Become a Travel Advisor Now
You may be asking yourself why? We are still in the midst of a global pandemic where travel has been halted and we don’t know when people will be ready OR when it will be safe for everyone. There is so much unknown, leaving us a lot of unanswered questions. What we do know is there is a vaccine on the way and people are eager to plan their next vacation. Even if you weren’t an avid traveler before COVID-19, you may be reevaluating; being stuck in your home or apartment can change your attitude on life and how you spend your time off. If you were already a travel lover and constantly on the go you may be planning your next trip already…but how can you make it exceptional? Even Travel + Leisure wrote an article discussing why booking with a travel advisor is going to be in demand (link below). Below are the key reasons why we believe now is the best time to become a travel advisor AKA “Chief Exploration Officer” (CEO - this is what we call our consultants at HBK). 
  1. At HBK, we have relationships with a variety of suppliers and unlock access to discounted rates at hotels, resorts, vacation homes/condos/villas and cruises worldwide. These discounts are not available direct to consumers, so to find them you need a travel advisor, or better yet a CEO. We train all CEO’s to operate their business with rate transparency. This way, you will clearly see value. 
  2. Cleanliness procedures will be incredibly important. We need an extra layer of confidence where we go and stay. The relationships we have with suppliers allows us to fully understand their specific cleaning processes so we can provide you and your clients additional reassurance. 
  3. You will want an epic trip. It doesn’t matter if your planning a vacation to relax or seek adventure, you’ll want the vacation to be top-notch…I mean, you have been stuck at home for almost a year, you deserve it! We can open your eyes to locations, real estate and hotel/resort brands you perhaps never considered or didn’t know about. We have the inside scoop and knowledge to plan the best trips with ease. 
As real estate lovers we always say, if you want to buy a home you would call a real estate agent first, right? You’d want to learn the market, price ranges, value adds and all insights to make the best decision. Shouldn’t we want the same insights and advice when we travel? Without question, we say YES!
Travel Leisure Article “Booking with a Travel Advisor is More Useful Than Ever – Here’s How to Get the Most for Your Money”:

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