A Message from Kat | Travel Bloggers, Influencers and Content Creators are the Modern-Day Travel Agent!

A Message from Kat | Travel Bloggers, Influencers and Content Creators are the Modern-Day Travel Agent!

When I started my business, I wanted to take a modern approach to the travel agent position. I remember sitting in my tiny apartment in the middle of 2020 thinking to myself, people will travel again but how they are influenced has changed forever. Covid put content creators, bloggers, and influencers on the map in hundreds of ways. We were all stuck at home and had a lot of time to connect with people through social media platforms and follow new creators who shared things we enjoy. As I saw this trend growing and growing, I recognized the modern-day travel agent is a travel blogger, influencer, or content creator. If a travel industry veteran is reading this, they most likely think I am crazy which I am 100% OKAY with, because sometimes out of the box ideas tend to be scary.

But think about it….

These social media gurus are their own media companies creating content around destinations, experiences, tours, hotels, vacation properties local restaurants and more. They are showing their own travels in real-time to their audience which then promotes whatever they are doing. With one click for a post or story thousand if not millions are now looking at whatever you provide.

As an industry, we need to welcome these creators into our business and commit to taking them seriously. A free hotel stays with F&B experiences complimentary isn’t enough and the hours of work behind content creation is significant. Right now, we are divided between travel professionals who have access to everything vs the blogger, influencer, and content creator world who still books travel like a regular consumer. We need to educate these folks as to why being part of the travel industry is extremely value to their business, online growth, and most importantly bottom line! We are truly better together.

If you are a supplier or social media guru and what I am saying resonates with you, please schedule a consultation!

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