The process of buying a home in New York City can be overwhelming and stressful. Habitats by Kat focuses on educating our clients about available inventory and necessary steps while building a relationship with you. We know in order to find you the perfect home, we need to get to know you and your lifestyle. We schedule all showings, arrange transportation, conduct customized neighborhood tours and most importantly negotiate on your behalf.


Looking to sell? Habitats by Kat will work with you to develop a customized sales strategy for your property. Every listing in New York City has a story to tell and this is how we separate ourselves from the competition. We commit to providing timely responses to all interested buyers and the broker community to get your listing on everyone’s radar. Lastly, we have a large network of NYC based professionals working for global level companies and by working with Habitats by Kat you’ll get additional exposure with these organizations.


For those moving to New York City for the first time finding a rental apartment is a great option. It helps you get to know the city and what neighborhoods will feel like home. The rental market is very fast-paced making it difficult for many to find the right apartment. A trusted advisor is key to the process which is exactly what we offer as a stress-free solution.

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